Don t postpone fixing foundation problems

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If you see foundation problems in or around your home, contact a business that handles foundation repair in Oklahoma City. Prevent bigger issues from happening.

If they are not repaired as soon as possible, house foundation problems may lead to expensive repairs. The earlier problems are discovered, the easier it is to fix them. Check your home thoroughly, looking for warning signs. If you see anything that concerns you, get a professional opinion from a company that specializes in foundation repair in Oklahoma City.

Signs of Problems

Houses settle and become slightly uneven over time. One major reason is that soil beneath the house swells and shrinks because of seasonal moisture variation. Rain causes the soil to expand while dry weather contracts the soil. Some examples of signs to look for include cracks opening in vinyl or ceramic tile over a concrete floor, cracks in walls over windows, doorways, or where walls and ceilings meet, and doors that won’t jam or latch. Other signs include windows that begin sticking or don’t close completely or don’t open and close easily and uneven pipes and floors that begin bursting or become bent. Other problem indicators include sloping floors, leaning garage walls, and failing posts and beams. Have these signs investigated by experts in foundation repair companies in OKC.

Inspect the Structure

If your home has a poured perimeter foundation, inspect it for flaking and chipping. Use a screwdriver to poke the foundation. If you chip or break off a piece, you may have weakening concrete, which means the concrete mix contains either dirty or salty sand or too much water. The concrete should be hard enough to withstand damage. The remedy for deteriorating concrete is usually installing a new foundation. Examine the basement or the crawl space, particularly the piers and posts, which support concrete. Healthy posts should stand straight and are firmly planted beneath the beams they support. Puddles, rot in the wood posts, and wet framing are warning signs of serious problems, such as plugged gutters and poor drainage.

Repair Solutions

Slab foundations will need repair when the soil underneath it becomes either too moist or too dry. Too much settlement brings on issues such as cracks in ceilings, walls, and floor tiles. When the supports appear eroded or moisture is present, crawl space repairs and pier and beam foundation will need to be done. Moisture signals the threat of mold to your home. If you need the foundation of a one-story single family home repaired, concrete piers are best. For two-story or commercial properties, steel piers provide better support. When fixing crawl spaces, steel pad and concrete piers help lift inadequate foundations. Consult a business that handles foundation repair in Oklahoma City.

Postponing repairs will only make foundation problems worse. By searching for warning signs in and around the house, you will have an idea of potential problems in the foundation. If you notice any of the major symptoms, do not hesitate to contact a business that does foundation crack repair in OKC. The business should have years of experience and be well regarded for its reliability and excellent customer service. Fixing a small problem soon will prevent bigger, costlier issues in the future.

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